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May 19, 2019. The clouds have now parted, and the election is over, phew.  So, what now? 

How can you take advantage of this post-election period and drive enquiry prior to June 30? 

Here’s a few tips to get started:

1.      Don’t get political, get positive

Regardless of your political opinion, don’t share this with your customers. This may sound obvious, but it’s important that your sales team know that sharing their disappointment or delight of the result with customers is not acceptable. Instead, ensure your staff are sharing positive news stories with their customers. Customers don’t like uncertainty, so it’s time to give them confidence and start to build up the momentum again. Phrases like, ‘We’ve seen an increase already in our website traffic since the result was announced and enquiries on xxx property have picked up, so it’s just great to have a decision either way so people can move forward with their property plans’.

2.      Become the expert on property related policies

From Tax Cuts, to First Home Owner incentives there are a couple of new polices that will influence our customers. There is a fair bit of buzz around the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme that Scott Morrison announced prior to the election.  But how does it work? When would it start? These are questions that First Home Buyers will be googling furiously right now. Our advice? Become the expert and learn as much as you can about this new scheme so that you are able to answer any questions immediately from your current or new customers. 

3.      Educate your customers, control the narrative

For those that are wanting to be even more proactive, you could consider sending an enewsletter or holding a small event to communicate and educate customers about the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme.  This not only positions you as the expert but also allows you to take control of the narrative and clears up any misunderstandings. It is also another reason to reach out to your customers and strengthen your relationship.

4.      Develop consistent sales scripts for objection handling

Even more importantly, start to develop scripts around certain questions or objections your customers may have when it comes to this First Home Loan Deposit scheme.  For example, with the scheme not commencing till January 2020, this could see first home buyers delay their purchase for the next 8 months, so how do you get them to still act now, rather than waiting?

5.      Rebuild the confidence of Investors  

Like many have said, investors dodged a bullet thanks to the Election result. Whilst the changes to negative gearing that Bill Shorten wanted to make won’t proceed, it definitely put further fear into the minds of investors (who were already wavering), and it will take some time to re-build that confidence and appetite to purchase again. Don’t assume that Investors will bounce back without any prompting. Get proactive, hold information sessions, touch base with your investors and give them the love they need to get back into the market.

6.      Advertising Health Check

With customers re-entering back into the property search phase, it’s important that you complete a health check on each of your advertising platforms. Is your website up to date, have you got the right pricepoints advertised? Don’t miss this uplift of enquiry with incorrect advertising. 

Good luck and happy Post Election marketing!

Author – Susan Duffy, Director Channel Marketing Group

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