Our Top 5 EOFY tips to SPRUCE UP your Project Marketing!

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May 17, 2017. NOW IS THE TIME.

We are currently in the traditionally quite period of the year for property sales, however this is the perfect time to get your marketing and sales presence in order – both online and onsite before prospective buyers flock to your site with their tax returns in hand!

At Channel Marketing we use this time of the year to ensure the marketing for our residential projects is spot on and that we reset our strategy for the second half of the year. 

Here are our top 5 tips to SPRUCE UP your project marketing in preparation for July!

1.      PROJECT ONSITE CHECK – it’s been a busy 6 months so it’s easy for projects to start to look tired onsite. We’ve all been guilt of dropping the ball in this space! Get out of the office and onsite and check for the following: Does the signage need replacing or updating? Does the signage still have the right call to action? Does the site need maintenance like mowing or rubbish clearing or is there graffiti onsite? There will be an influx of customers doing their own tours of your project so now is the time to get it pretty before July!

2.      PROJECT ONLINE PRESENCE CHECK – Just as important, if not more important is to check how your project is appearing online. Does it have the latest listings updated? Should you change the messaging or imagery? Are the enquiry buttons still working and coming through to the right sales person? Have you checked your actual enquiry levels lately? Do you know how your advertising or listing are even performing? Now is the time to review, improve and get it right before the busy period starts again.

3.      PHONE CHECK – Yes, sounds silly, but it’s a good time to triple check your project phone number that you are advertising for your project is actually working! You may find that it’s diverted to the wrong sales person or worse…it’s no longer connected! 

4.      DATABASE CLEANSE – Sounds like the worst thing in the world! Haha But with new product releases most likely to be offered to market in the next six months it’s a good idea to cleanse your database and understand the true opportunity within it. How many hots, warms and colds and have you touched base with them according to your comms plan? 

5.      REVIEW POSITIONING STRATEGY AND COMMUNICATIONS – Are the key selling features and point of difference you defined at the beginning of your project launch still relevant or do they need to be tweaked? What other competitors have entered the market? Based on the product you have left to sell, do you need to change your messaging to market? Now is the time to adjust and reset!

NOW is the time, don’t procrastinate!

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