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February 4, 2019. I’ve been on both sides. I’ve been the one writing the copy for new projects and I’ve also been the one consuming the advertising.  Having flicked through my local property magazine on the weekend, eight of the 10 new development projects that were advertising, used the word LUXURY within their positioning copy.

So, if everyone is using the word luxury does it become superfluous? Is it wallpaper? Particularly when it’s paired with the word ‘affordable’, I think it could actually be doing more damage than good.

Are developers using it in their advertising to back up their price tag? Or are they worried that they’ll be the only project that isn’t described as luxury?

Regardless of what it is, the word ‘luxury’ is being thrown around so often that I believe it’s lost its purpose and impact on the consumer. 

It’s become a lazy way for marketers to get across the supposed quality of a project.  Don’t get me wrong….i’m guilty of having used it in the past as well!

As marketers, our job is to tell the story of the product. Describe the point of difference and build trust and desire for the product. So, it’s important we unpack what the developer is trying to tell when it comes to ‘luxury’. 

So, the question I ask developers when they say it’s luxury, is WHY? What makes it luxury? Is it quality finishes, is it more space, is it innovative design? Tell me why!

It could be that they are using an imported tile from Italy which is so rare that it’s never been used in Australian apartment buildings?  It could be that the residents will be able to use their voice to access their home and the temp control is automated via a smart technology system. Or it could be that the artwork commissioned for the communal areas has been designed by one of the world’s most popular artists. 

Once we know the ACTUAL reasons why the project is ‘luxury’ or provides a ‘luxury lifestyle’ we should then be articulating these actual stories above the line….rather than using the word luxury. 

This could mean that we film the unpacking of the tiles from Italy paired with an interview from the developer and running that on social. It could be filming the artist in work and sharing that via your database in an EDM….or maybe you invite your hot leads to a private event where the artist completes the job. 

Rather than stick the word LUXURY on your adverts, tell the story why the project is ACTUALLY luxury…romance your customers.

And if the developer can’t explain what makes it luxury, that’s probably because it isn’t. Don’t try and fool a consumer, choose another word.

Author – Susan Duffy, Director Channel Marketing Group

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