In a market with no urgency, don’t fake it…add a little tenderness!

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May 11, 2019. When times are tough, it’s very easy to slip into a pure price and product conversation and extreme retail messaging or fake urgency. These may sound familiar ‘Hurry $10k off for a limited time’, ‘Limited apartments available from just $419k’, ‘Offer ends this weekend’.  

But in a market with no urgency, don’t forget to romance the customer.

Let’s face it, unless you have an extremely unique product, if you’re selling in a market with no urgency no amount of ‘fake urgency’ works. What does work and what can attract attention is changing the conversation to what makes your property unique, special and exactly why people would want to live there.  

It doesn’t matter whether it’s one property, a small sub-division or a major master-planned community, a slow market is the perfect time to rally the internal troops and re-set the focus and the tone of the conversation with the customer.

This doesn’t mean that price and retailing is totally dismissed in your above the line advertising, but simply put, it is not at the top of the message hierarchy.

Let your customers identify and relate with your property, give them something to talk about, let the desire build and if the communication plan is strong, they’ll be a stronger prospect than if you lead with ‘fake urgency’ from the beginning. 

Author – Susan Duffy, Director Channel Marketing Group

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