How to capitalise on holiday-makers.

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January 16, 2020. We’ve all been there. You go away on holidays to a destination, perhaps to the coast or into the hinterland and find yourself thinking, “I could live here” or maybe “wouldn’t this be a good place to have a holiday home” or “maybe we should look into how much it costs to buy?”. 

Whilst you’re on holidays it’s easy to dream about the possibilities, but then all of a sudden your holiday comes to an end.  As much as you try to hang on to those holiday memories, soon enough all thoughts about purchasing a holiday home or investment property start to slip away. Before too long you’re back into the work slog and the rest is history.

So in that small period of time, that tiny window….lies the opportunity for developers (and the real estate market more generally) to capture the attention of a prospective customer. 

The trick is to get them while they’re hot.  There’s no better time to sell to someone when they are emotionally attached to something they want, so what better time then whilst they are in the throws of ‘the best holiday of their life’.

So how do you do that if you’re a developer with a project close to a holiday area? Here are some EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT ideas you could consider:

1.      Digital Location Based Advertising– e.g Social, Google etc

Using the location targeting options even in simple platforms like Facebook you can serve your adverts to people travelling through your area. Simply by selecting “Everyone in This Location (default), People Recently in This Location or People Traveling in This Location” and you can exclude people who ‘live in this location’. For those developers that have larger budgets there are some extensive geo-targeting based media platforms to choose from, but best to speak to a media agency expert. 

2.      Value Based Social Media Creative

Don’t be lazy and just promote your project with a from price. If you’re trying to target holiday makers who may be considering an investment property or holiday home, do the hard work for them and give them all the information they need to make their decision easy. For example “Here’s all the ins and out about investing in Tugan” or maybe “What you need to know about buying a holiday home in South Stradbroke”

3.      Signage….Innovative right?

Sometimes marketers give up around holiday time because we think that people on holiday aren’t thinking about purchasing property – wrong! Many people on holiday have plenty of time on their hands to explore the area and walking through a display village or checking out property could be right up their alley! Innovative temporary signage in high traffic areas such as mobile billboards, scooter signage etc can be very effective to drive foot traffic to your project.

4.      Get old school – Pamphlets, Postcards and offers

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on holidays one of the first things I do is google what café has the best coffee. So why not get some flyers/postcards or strike a deal with various cafes to have some advertising in the shop at a fee or favour during the holiday period?

Thanks guys,

Time to start planning for the nest Easter Holiday period…

Author – Susan Duffy, Director Channel Marketing Group

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