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Our Focus Groups

Channel Marketing Group is a team of property marketing specialists. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in residential, retirement and over 50’s living makes us specialist facilitators for property industry focus groups.

Whether it’s understanding customer sentiment toward a future development or current project, resident satisfaction or product design, our property expertise allows us to ask the RIGHT questions, focus on RELEVANT responses and then drill down on those to find VALUABLE information.

Ultimately and most importantly, this leads to relevant recommendations for our client.

But how to do we recruit the right people?

Our recruitment process starts with knowing our customer segments.

Who is our client’s target audience?  What motivates them, what are their pain points, where are they in their buyer journey, who/what are their key influencers?

By profiling customer segments, we can focus on recruiting respondents who will be representative of our client’s target audience. In short, we know how to find and recruit people who will provide relevant, useful feedback in the focus group.

Channel Marketing Group’s industry expertise and knowledge of customer segments offers clients a unique, tangible point of difference from traditional market research companies. Not least of these is the considerable time saved at the initial briefing stage, and greater client confidence that the final report will be of high quality and actionable.

“We found the REXI™ positioning report to be a thorough, valuable and well-planned process by which to explore our market and our customer, test our assumptions and clarify our value proposition. The focus groups Channel coordinated and facilitated also supported these findings and provided immense insight into the mind of our target customer. The communication and documentation of findings from both pieces of work has also been exceptional.”
– Kate Degnian, Marketing and Communications Manager, Reside

“I’ve worked with Channel Marketing for two RV Scheme Operators over the past three years, conducting customer research, project refreshes, marketing, sales and functions.
The whole team are a delight to work with; knowledgeable, resourceful, practical and effective. I highly recommend Channel and look forward to engaging with them again in the future.”
– Susie Arthur, Regional Operations Manager, Blue Care

It’s a focus group…but not as you know it.

Channel Marketing Group have access to the latest virtual workspace technology allowing us to effectively facilitate large or small focus groups across the country – even if we aren’t in the room.

Forget two-way mirrors, now clients can watch the focus group live via video link removing the intimidation some participants feel when they know a company representative is sitting in the next room.  Further unbiased results can be achieved by using interactive polling software.

This software is accessible via a weblink which is sent to a participant’s phone and – at any time during our group presentation – they are sent the topic questions and asked to respond via their phone. This method not only allows the quieter participants an equal opportunity to respond, but it also means we can focus the response options removing the potential for participants to go “off topic” or provide broad answers.  

Interested to know more?

Call Susan to discuss your upcoming research needs and see how Channel Marketing Group’s expertise and innovative research methodology can deliver relevant, actionable recommendations while saving you time and money.

Office Location
Suite 11b/20 Tedder Ave,
Main Beach QLD 4217  

Susan Duffy – 0466 779 893

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