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Inevitably, every new year brings the promise of new employees joining your team. So why not make life easy for yourself and get your online copy of Byron’s Guide to Learning the Lingo – right now.

We’ve been working on this for a good part of 2021 (amongst all the madness) as a way of helping people like Byron, who might need a bit of extra assistance – and now it’s finally here!

Coming from a working background totally unrelated to the Property or Marketing Industry, Byron was a tad bit confused when he first started – especially when terminology was thrown around that he didn’t understand. So that’s where we came in with the unreal idea that could benefit not just Byron – but others as well….

In this guide, Byron has given (to the best of his abilities) definitions for a handful of property and marketing terms that we use all year round and is written in a simple way that just about anybody can understand.

With multiple sections like House and Land, Marketing slang and real estate, we hope there’s a little bit of something for everyone to read and learn about.

So, whether you’re a boss who just hired a newbie, or a newbie who got hired by a boss, simply email for an online PDF of our guide and we’ll send it directly to you, or CLICK HERE to view an interactive Flipbook now.

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