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August 15, 2018. Are we sick of video content yet? OR is what we’re watching just boring? Either way, there is more and more video content than ever before, which means we need to lift our game to drive results from this medium. Here’s a few tips if you’re creating property related video content:

#1 – Understand where you’re going to distribute it before you film

The online platforms by which we can distribute our video content are VAST. Gone are the days we could just host our property video on our website! Now there is Facebook, Instagram, IGTV, LinkedIn, REA, Domain….the list goes on. The hard part is that each platform has their own video format requirements (portrait, 16×9, 1×1, 4×3 ahhhhh), therefore you should determine where you are going to distribute your video and understand the format requirements before you film to avoid disappointment. 

#2 – Take time to storyboard and define your KSF

Don’t be lazy when getting your property filmed, take the time to define what the key selling features are and communicate these focus areas to your videographer.   For example if the front façade of the property isn’t appealing, than don’t have the videographer commence the video with an entry shot. We recommend providing a storyboard to your videographer to ensure there is no mis-communication.

#3 – Snippets for targeted communications

Whilst you may end up with a 1, 2 or 3 minute video, your job doesn’t end there. With so many social advertising options available to us, we can slice and dice our videos and deliver targeted communication to exactly who we want. If the apartment features a truly amazing kitchen then extract just the footage (perhaps a 15 sec spot) that shows the kitchen and run a video advert to a defined audience that would appreciate entertaining e.g. female, interests: food, property etc.

#4 – Re-distribute and add sizzle

With mediums such as Instagram stories getting so much traction this provides the perfect opportunity to re-cut your original video add some overlays ‘sizzle’ and drive engagement in a truly authentic way.

#5 – YES Sub-titles

No explanation needed. So many people don’t listen to video content with the audio on, so whilst it can be a little fiddly to add sub-titles – it just must be done!

We hope this was helpful, if you need any specific assistance with any of these tips – shoot us a message.

Author – Susan Duffy, Director Channel Marketing Group

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