5 Property Marketing Insights From 2019 Set to Influence 2020

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December 31, 2019. Next year marks the start of year number 5 for Channel Marketing Group.   Like any other 5 year old we’re starting to test boundaries, push the limits and see how far we can take things!  Here’s 5 of our marketing insights we took from 2019 that will make for a very exciting 2020.

  1. There has been more and more developers (from resi and retirement) enter the social ad spend world, which made for a very cluttered and less fruitful landscape than recent years, forcing us to look for new ways to engage with customers via other paid media avenues such as …..haha! that’s our secret sauce! Another reminder to stay ahead of the pack always.
  2. Retirement living developers with ILU only sites in high density areas are under pressure to offer ‘real value’ to customers in comparison to residential apartment sites.  This is an area we have been very passionate about and will continue to influence as best we can in this space during 2020.
  3. The increase in the number of residential house and land projects in key priority growth zones such as Logan and Ripley (where historically there was only 3 or 4 and now there is 15) has provided a great deal of choice for consumers but has developers in a bit of a spin to out-market each other…as opposed to just delivering and focusing on brand and product. This will continue to playout over the coming years and we’re hoping to be on the front foot of correcting some of this strategy on a few key projects.
  4. Quality of built form (be it homes, townhomes/terraces, manufactured housing or clubhouses) seems to be a key focus for developers. Resulting in investing in architects and builders that bring brand equity to the completed product offering. We predict this consumer led trend will continue into 2020, particularly with so many developers trying hand in built product. The question will be how does the developer really own the space here from a built form perspective?
  5. There is a real lack of science behind how we’re marketing to ‘influencers/kids’ (of retirement living customers). We’ve just commenced a research project on this space and we believe it will be an important part of the marketing strategy in the coming years. 

Overall in 2019 we witnessed and were part of a lot of learning and product innovation by developers and we feel 2020 will be the year we see some of this innovation roll-out. Cheers to that!

Author – Susan Duffy, Director Channel Marketing Group

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